With over thirty years of experience, Richard D. Atkins, P.E. offers expert assistance to the petroleum industry and mineral owners on all aspects of regulatory compliance and research services with the Railroad Commission of Texas. In addition, services also available are prospect and producing property evaluations, field development assistance and divestiture or debt workout proposals. Details of some of the services provided are listed below. Please feel free to contact me at 512-496-5949 if you have questions or require other services.

Form Filing, Reporting and Compliance Letters

  • Commission Issued Letters (Severance, Over-production, etc.)
  • Downhole Commingling (SWR 10 Exception)
  • Drilling Permits (Form W-1)
  • GAU Surface Casing Recommendations
  • Initial Oil or Condensate Production Clearance (Form P-8)
  • Monthly Skim Oil Report (Form P-18)
  • Producer’s Monthly Report (Form PR)
  • Producer’s Transportation Authority (Form P-4)
  • Well Completions (Form W-2 or Form G-1)


Assist with hearings before the Railroad Commission of Texas by filing the letter of application, preparing exhibits and rendering expert testimony at the hearing. Some examples are listed below:

  • Field Consolidation
  • Field Rules
  • Flaring or venting of gas (SWR 32 Exception)
  • MER or Net Gas Oil Ratio Special Allowable
  • Spacing and Density (SWR 37 and 38 Exceptions)
  • Swabbing and Vacuum Pumps (SWR 21 and 23 Exceptions)
  • Unitization

Injection and Disposal Well Applications

Filing of both injection (Form H-1) and disposal (Form W-14) well applications for private and commercial well disposal or injection operations. Services include preparation of the 1/4 mile radius well status map, 1/2 mile offset operator map and all of the other necessary attachments for permit approval.

New Field Discovery and Field Transfer Applications

Filing of new field designation (Form P-7) and field transfer applications along with 2.5 mile area map, well tabulation, cross-sections, pressure data (Form W-7) and well log designated interval for wells producing from new reservoirs.

Onsite Field Supervision

Supervision of field operations, which includes facility design and installation, drilling, cementing, completion, production, workover and daily lease practices.

Research and Reproduction

Duplication of any data that has been filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas, which includes well information, production reporting, form filings and hearings exhibits. My expert knowledge and ability to interpret RRC filings, provide accurate information essential to the evaluation of oil and gas prospects and acquisitions.